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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for caring for my dog. She's happy and doing great. She came back happy and ready to play with the kids. I love your doggie care and bring all my dogs here. Thanks again!" - Y
"Our dog Zoey got into a fight and broke her leg. We called countless veterinarians who all wanted to do plate surgery on her leg, which was going to cost our family $5,000. Then our doctor found Moreno Valley Animal Hospital, who was willing to give us more options than plate surgery for a lower cost, and so they were able to fix her leg by casting and resetting instead of plate surgery. You have truly blessed our family and we will be forever grateful! Thank you!" -The Cortez Family, "I brought Sweeney in to get spayed and the vet ran a pre-op which came back with anemia, and so she did not get spayed. Thanks to the test, she is doing well and will be on the road to recovery. Thank you!"
- L. H.
"We are very thankful for your service you provided for Chichi when she needed a C-section because the puppy was stuck. Thank you for seeing her right away and saving her and her puppies. She has recovered very well. Thank you to all your staff for the hard work you gave her."

"Your doctor has taken care of my dogs for years. At Christmas time, my dog stepped on glass it went into his paw. He made time 3 days before Christmas for the surgery. He always took care of my Rottie Dillon for me and was there for me when 14 years later we had to put our best friend down. There was no rush and you all were very respectful of our grief. Dillon was cremated and Dr. Brajdich took care of all the arrangements. He is great."
- C. W.

"We were very pleased with the treatment of our dog Fritz at the Moreno Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Brajdich was kind enough to call us after Fritz's surgery to let us know he was doing ok. We appreciated the call because he is an older dog and we were quite worried about him. Also, we want to thank his kind staff."
- Ed and Eleanor Marshal

"We found Moreno Valley Animal hospital after a friend suggested them. We had a dog that needed surgery and we didn't know how we would afford it. Not to mention our apprehension and worry over our dog making it through. Not only were the front office people welcoming, but upon meeting the doctor our worries went away. We were assured our dog, Kode would be fine. The cost was about 1/2 other doctors charged and our dog seemed very comfortable there. Thank you so much!"
- Ed & Debra S.

"I brought in my baby Camero, because she was ill. Almost to death. If not for loving help from Moreno Valley Animal Hospital. My heart was so touched that everyone took car of my baby and helped me save a member of my family. Moreno Valley Animal Hospital went above and beyond and I am eternally greatful and recommend them to EVERYONE always!!"
- Holly Ramirez

"My husband and I had found our dog walking around the neighborhood. We dialed the # on her collar. Her owner didn't want her. We took her in. Our vet wanted to charge us $800 for her dental work. It was outrageous (Her teeth were really bad). We brought her to Moreno Valley Animal Hospital, the vet was very kind and his prices were absolutely reasonable. We had her teeth done, and she is so much happier!! Thank you Dr. Brajdich!"
- L.C.

"Bella is a poodle/bijon mix and 6 years old. She jumped up on a massage table and dislocated her knee. When taking x-rays of her knee they found she had bad arthritis in her hip also. I brought her to Dr. Brajdich and he did surgery on both her hip and knee. After 6 weeks she was walking and not limping anymore. I am very pleased that my Bella is doing so well and I can't say how much I appreciate Dr. B. and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best care and love for their pet. I am so thankful I brought my Bella here-they are the best. They go way beyond what needs to be done to make sure your pet gets care and love."
- Joelle "Bella" Gonzales

"When I brought Romeo in I was so scared I was going to lose my best friend, my protector. I am so happy and greatful to say Romeo is actually showing signs of improvement! He has even been trying to play like old times. He's not 100% yet but thanks to everyone that cared enough to help, I got to come home to my pooch. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I am so extremely greatful. Sincerely"
- Eddie Quinones
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